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Wine and Fine food

Wine and fine food are amongst the most significant and beloved ambassadors of our European culture worldwide.
China’s increasing interest for luxury and refined products from Europe has made the wine and fine food ‘s market one of the fastest developing in China.

During our twenty-year long experience of trading with China, Gingo Biloba has developed partnerships with Chinese companies distributing wine and fine foods. For some of them it has become nowadays one of their main activities. Our distributors are present in several regions of China.

Throughout the years of collaboration with the Chinese citizens, we have acquired an excellent understanding of their taste and wine-culture through tastings and educational courses on wine and food we do organise throughout the country.

Our goal is not only to export wine and fine food into China, but also to assist and supervise their positioning and communication in collaboration with our local partners. We provide our Chinese customers with know-how and support in order to achieve the highest results in terms of visibility and sales record for the products. We are personally involved in the communication and the presentation of the wine and food items in collaboration with our Chinese partners.

Our philosophy is based on the concept of shared experience, culture and know-how in order to achieve the common goals. The relationship with our Chinese distributors goes beyond the simple business relation becoming a multispectral partnership and cooperation.

A professional team, who has been operating in Europe for many years, is sourcing products amongst the most authentic and genuine wine and fine food manufactures, looking for the ones which best match the Chinese taste.

Gingo Biloba is confident to be the right partner through our network and experience for gaining access to the fast growing Chinese Market.